Writing progress is sequential. That’s a simple way of saying that successful writers build their skills by mastering one writing proficiency at a time and building on a previous foundation. If writing instruction “jumps around” too much, gaps in your student’s knowledge can widen.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a formula that you could use in your homeschool to close any writing gaps and help ensure that your young writer becomes as proficient as possible? Maybe there is!

Starting with the Sentence

It’s easy to forget that everything you read in books, magazines, mail, and on the web can be broken down into individual sentences. No matter what concept an author is trying to get across, he or she must construct it with well written individual sentences.

One of the key reasons middle and high school writing problems can surface is because students never truly mastered the structure of sentence writing.  If you see that your student is struggling with writing, take time to examine their individual sentences. If you notice issues like sentence fragments, run-ons, problems with subject-verb agreement, or lack of parallel structure,  you’ll want to remediate with training on writing clear and complete sentences.



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