Is Your Homeschooler's Writing on Track?

We all need to step back and take stock now and then. January is the perfect month to evaluate whether or not your homeschool writing plan is working. This should start, above all, by sitting down with your students and having a conversation about their writing. How do they feel about the curriculum you’ve been using? Do they feel like they are making improvements as a writer (even small ones count!)? If they could change anything about writing in homeschool, what would it be? What writing goal(s) would they like to set for themselves to achieve by the end of the school year?

Once you’ve gotten that feedback from your children, it’s time to ask yourself the same type of questions, and then compare your answers. That combined information will help you to not only get a better picture of exactly where your students are with their writing skills, but to also strategize on ways to make your instruction even better going forward.


Writing Assessment Checklists by Grade Level

It’s extremely important to note that every child is unique and progresses at an individual pace with every skill learned. However, there are some recommended touchstones that may be helpful to you, as a parent, in determining whether there are any specific gaps in your homeschooler’s proficiency that need to be addressed.

Below are some general checklists by grade-level of writing aptitudes that are expected in the traditional educational system.  Keep in mind, however, that part of the beauty of homeschooling is that families get to customize this type of timetable to meet their own children’s specific needs and aptitudes.

Online writing tips and resources just for homeschoolers.

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