3 Hacks for High School Planning

  1. Dig Deep

So often we are programmed by our culture to think any old job or career is fine as long as it pays the bills. But, it makes all the difference to dig deeper! It’s worth finding what you’re good at, where your strengths lie, and what unique talents you possess. Not sure how? What do you daydream about in your free time? What are you drawn to? Take time to journal about what you love, what you are thankful for, and then review it to discover your life passion. You may be surprised at what you find!

  1. Discover your Direction

Don’t fixate on eliminating weakness, pour your efforts into developing and perfecting your strengths. Find applications for those things that make you happy. The skills and gifts that make you who you are, are the things that will give you joy in this journey of life. Ask yourself what career or job would line up with your unique talents and passions (those you discover in your journal). Even better, find a way to try out one of those careers by shadowing an expert!

  1. Do it!

Put feet on your thoughts by researching what education is required for the field where your interests lie. Find out what you need to do to prepare yourself for your future, and get started now. Align those needs to your high school course load. Take classes, volunteer, and even find apprenticeships to further your skills and talents!


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