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Seven Colorful Fall Books to Enjoy

7 colorful books to enjoy this fall from Homeschool Literature

Book Summary: There once was a little dog named Tray. He lived in England with his owner, Mary Ann Anning. Besides Mary Ann, Tray loved one other thing: He loved to dig for dinosaur bones. Together he and Mary Ann found small bones, big bones, and even entire skeletons! People came from all around the […]

Fun Science Books for Kids! from Homeschool Literature

  Author bio: Perry is a Christian homeschool graduate who has written and published “The Heavens Declare: Five Children, Eight Planets, One God,” “Light of the World,” and “Pearl’s Practice.” She lives in beautiful Oregon with her best-friend-turned-husband and their sweet baby boys. Find her books and other writings and connect with her at her […]

Book summary: In The Lost Da Vincis, four resourceful homeschool siblings discover their parents and youngest brother have disappeared. Was it caused by one of their father’s science inventions going terribly wrong? Will the children be able to find their parents before anyone finds out that they are all alone and haven’t told anyone? Will […]