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Top 20 Books about Native Americans

Finding collections of books surrounding a topic is always a great discovery for the homeschooler. It makes creating a homeschool unit study a snap, and makes that study just that much more interesting! Don’t miss this top 20 (plus a few) collection of books surrounding the study of Native American people. What an amazing people […]

Seven Colorful Fall Books to Enjoy

7 colorful books to enjoy this fall from Homeschool Literature

Book Summary: This series of four books designed in particular for homeschoolers is, in my opinion, one of the best I’ve seen. Well, organized into four volumes British Literature for Homeschoolers is the perfect college preparatory course for homeschoolers. Mr. Clifton has pulled a selection of some of the most notable works of British Literature […]

8 great poetry books for k 2 from  Homeschool Literature   More resources and freebies for teaching language arts for homeschoolers.

Book Summary Six hundred years ago the land of Aom-igh was threatened with invasion by the Dark Country across the Stained Sea; in their danger King Llian sought the help of the dragons and the myth-folk. Graldon, King of the Dragons, granted the human king with a gift that would help him defeat his enemies. […]

College-Bound Reading List from Homeschool Literature More resources for college bound homeschoolers.

A couple of weeks ago, we released our Teen Summer Reading Challenge and you guys loved it enough that we decided to create one for kids too!  Just like with the teen challenge, this one contains 30 types of books and the titles are completely up to your choosing!  If you complete this challenge, we’d […]

7th Grade Book List

Seventh graders are expanding their horizons and beginning to connect with the real world. Finding literature that meets them where they are yet challenges them to reach further is a difficult task. We’ve put together a list of great reads that will help you do this!

Where to Read Out Loud from Homeschool Literature More language arts resources, and tips for homeschoolers!

Summer is coming and that means lots of reading around here!  To make it extra fun, we’ve created a reading challenge for teens.  This challenge contains 30 types of books; the titles are totally up to your choosing!  So take a trip to the library or your Kindle store, and soak up some sun with […]