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One of the great American authors, O. Henry was a short story writer. His stories were very popular in the 1800’s and were especially loved because of their surprise endings. Here’s our list of some of his stories that can be read for free! Cabbages and Kings Heart of the West The Four Million The […]

A couple of weeks ago, we released our Teen Summer Reading Challenge and you guys loved it enough that we decided to create one for kids too!  Just like with the teen challenge, this one contains 30 types of books and the titles are completely up to your choosing!  If you complete this challenge, we’d […]

Everyone knows that reading aloud is great for your kids, and it’s often fun for the whole family.  But have you given thought to creative reading aloud locations?  Sometimes it’s enjoyable to mix it up and read somewhere other than just the kitchen table or living room sofa.  Not only will your kids have fun […]

It’s always a bit harder to find books for boys to enjoy, isn’t it?  Once they get to the age of reading chapter books, unfortunately many boys profess that they don’t like reading.  Perhaps it’s just the books themselves, though!  The right book can help inspire of love of reading in anyone!  Here are ten […]

  Teaching our children how to read is one of the most fundamental of homeschooling tasks, yet also one skill that causes the most concern. This fundamental skill is often expected to be taught to our children as early as possible. While it is always good to read aloud to our young children and encourage them […]