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8 great poetry books for k 2 from  Homeschool Literature   More resources and freebies for teaching language arts for homeschoolers.

Where to Read Out Loud from Homeschool Literature More language arts resources, and tips for homeschoolers!

Book Summary: In this enduring story from a time not so long ago, Annie and her sister help Mama with washing the clothes on Monday morning. From gathering and sorting the clothes, to washing and hanging them outside to dry, to folding and putting them away, the family works together to get the job done. […]

Book Summary: Terrence Tullgren tells the fresh and inspiring story of a young boy who learns how to be grateful by watching the community behavior of deer and squirrels in the woods near his home. Donnie offers food to the animals and they are thankful. This special experience inspires Donnie to express gratitude to others. […]

Book Summary: Caught living in a world between fantasy and reality, Carrie, a 13-year-old homeschooled girl, struggles to make sense of loss and new beginnings, seeking comfort in a heart-shaped locket with a secret. “Themes include: family, fantasy, and grief.”” Fan trailer:   *** Our Review: Coming soon!   Age Range: 9-12 years Paperback: 162 pages […]

50 Books Perfect for Pre K - 2

  One of the best times to make a good memory is right before bed time. It’s a precious few moments of life perfectly suited to reading a book aloud to your child. Here’s a list of our preschool through second grade favorites…you know, those books they begged to read over and over again. We hope […]

Calling all authors who were homeschooled, write for homeschoolers, or are publishing books that could interest homeschoolers!  Basically, any author having anything to do with homeschooling and books.  Are you releasing a new title soon?  Would you like some extra promotion?  Want to create a little extra “buzz” for this fabulous new story? Here at […]

Everyone knows that reading aloud is great for your kids, and it’s often fun for the whole family.  But have you given thought to creative reading aloud locations?  Sometimes it’s enjoyable to mix it up and read somewhere other than just the kitchen table or living room sofa.  Not only will your kids have fun […]

Book Summary: The goddess Hera has challenged Princess Sophia to avert three tragedies that are about to occur. If Sophia fails, her father will lose his kingdom and they will both be turned into stone statues for Hera’s garden. Even with the winged horse, Pegasus, transporting Sophia to her three challenges, will she succeed and […]

Read Aloud Chapter Books for Girls from Homeschool Literature