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  Book Summary/Description: This book is part of an awesome series for children that enables the child to become part of the story. A great read for old and young alike helping students who have difficulty with comprehension, entertaining sidebars to pique curiosity, and a comprehensive glossary to support the content. This is a perfect […]

  Summary: Dark Canyons is the story of a family forced to defend its way of life. Twelve-year-old June is growing up happily with her scholarly mother and practical father on a remote ranch. She has never been to school, but June’s agile mind makes learning second nature. From her mother June has learned to […]

Book Summary: Join four mismatched teens as they hunt for lost pirate treasure in historic Savannah, Georgia. Follow the group as they race against corrupt artifact thieves to uncover Shamus’s booty. This adventure journeys through Savannah’s secret tunnels, forgotten islands and real historical locations. Can four young adults put their differences aside long enough to […]

Book Summary/Description: Katie Porter likes to climb trees, play with her sister, and ride bikes with her brother. The Porters are a close family. They are brought even closer through a family vacation, a surprise in the middle of the night, and an important decision that will affect them all. Joy’s Review: This story is […]

  Book Summary/Description: Violet Remy is a nine-year-old girl that is homeschooled and belongs to a neighborhood coop. It was finally spring and after learning about the wetlands in their nature class they were finally able to go explore them on a scavenger hunt. Along with the items on their list they would also discover […]

Book Summary/Description: Jackson, Haley, Lainey and Katie are homeschool kids out for an adventure. They’re looking forward to a few days away from the books, exploring an old Civil War battlefield. But they end up with more than one mystery to solve as they form a new friendship that takes them down a dangerous road. […]

Book Summary/Description: Seven young adventurers set out once again to experience the thrilling challenge and mystery that is the neighborhood woods. When an old family friend divulges a secret to the group known as The Woodsmen, they encounter their toughest challenges yet. The adventurers soon discover hidden clues to a treasure that may have ancient […]

Book Summary/Description: There’s a magic about summertime that excites the imagination and leads to incredible adventures. Dace and his six intrepid friends set out to explore the neighborhood woods for themselves, seeking out hidden treasures and mysterious secrets. As they soon find out, the woods hold much more than the adventuresome group could ever hope […]

Book Summary: THERE’S A REASON IT STAYED LOST When five teens in Sahuarita, Arizona find themselves in the middle of worldwide cataclysms, earth-controlling Joe rounds up super-strong Grace, information-absorbing Natalie, weather-making Valencia, and fire-starting Drake, in order to help defeat the force which created all the destruction. While overcoming unleashed mythical creatures and rebuilding their […]

  BOOK REVIEW AND GAMES PAGE The Howling Vowels   Book Summary: THE HOWLING VOWELS, a middle-grade novel set in Minnesota, follows Alexa through her transition year from NYC to small-town living. As sweet as a Little House book, this novel will warm your heart-strings, all while making you wish you, too, lived in Alexa’s […]