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  Book Summary/Description: Roses are Read is an eclectic collection of poems that express the struggles and stages of teenage existence. From first kiss to first heartbreak, awkward moments to awkward stages, and broken lies to broken cries, Roses are Read illustrates what average (and not so average) teenagers experience every day and after. No […]

    Author bio: Jonathan grew up in Pennsylvania where he enjoyed, among many things, hiking, bird watching, and drawing the landscape. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Messiah College he moved to New York City in 2003 to attend graduate school at the School of Visual Arts. He received his first job illustrating for […]

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    About the Author: “Melody Jackson is an author and lover of all things geek, especially anything related to Doctor Who. She lives in the unbearably hot state of Arizona, (at least it’s a dry heat) with her crazy family, as well as a menagerie of animals that includes her four siblings, two cats, […]

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    About the Author: Emma has been a homeschooling mother for almost two decades and has seen her eldest through college and he’s now working! She’d like to see you succeed in your homeschooling efforts and will share books, websites and new that are empowering and help you in your journey called life. Her passion […]

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    About the Author:   Kevin Lau is a self-published author, attempting to make a living off of his writing. This is only the beginning.  He is the oldest of five children of a homeschool family, currently attending a local community college. The History of the Universe is his first book.   Book Summary: […]

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    About the Author: Ashlee Willis lives in the heart of Missouri with her husband, young son, and simply way too many cats. While most of her days are balanced between writing, reading and homeschooling, she also loves to crochet, play the piano, and spend time outdoors in God’s creation.. Author blog:. Facebook: […]

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  About the Author: Perry is a Christian homeschool graduate who has written and published “The Heavens Declare,” “Light of the World,” “Pearl’s Practice,” “The Case of the Tabloid Tattler,” and “The Case of the Missing Hero.” She lives in beautiful Oregon with her best-friend-turned-husband and their sweet baby boys. Find her books and other […]

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  Book Summary: For thirteen-year-old Mary Chilton, every day is filled with adventure. She is surrounded by friends and family, and her windmill house feels like a castle to her. But Mary can’t forget that her family was forced to leave their last home because of their religion, and even in Holland, things are looking […]

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  Book Summary: Orphaned at a young age, Skylar McHenry grew up as little more than a servant and shunned by everyone around her because of her reputation as a pirate’s daughter. Each day Skye faces is marked by some new struggle. Her only hope is to rely on her heavenly Father’s care and comfort […]

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    Book Summary: Louise’s friend is dragging her along on a dubious treasure hunt. She, however, would rather be reading the recently discovered letters written by her great-great-grandmother, Georgiana Donahue. Meanwhile, Xavier, a young law student, is facing struggles of his own. He can’t find a job, his uncle is constantly belittling his late […]