Tips for Transformation In Your Homeschool

Time always seems to fly! Whether it was your first homeschool year or your 10th, things may not have gone exactly as you planned. But, you are not alone!  Things will rarely go the way you intended on that first day of the new school year.

That is one of the many beautiful things about homeschooling. You dig in and find what works for you and more importantly, what works for your entire family. Sometimes, that involves a homeschool do-over. A fresh start might be just what your homeschool needs in the new year.

Resources abound whether you look online for great homeschool resources, or if you choose to find your information in one of the many great homeschool help books that are available. The help you need for homeschool organizing and scheduling is at your fingertips.Before you start the semester it might be beneficial to get together with some like-minded homeschool moms to strategize and encourage one another.  Here’s a list of 10 top books that may have the encouragement you need to keep on going.



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