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Book Summary:

Magic is a Treacherous Guide

As a child, Terrin of Xell was almost devoured by a spirit from the Dark Forest. She knows better than to trust magic. But when her friend Chris was accused of a magical crime he didn’t commit, she couldn’t let him face banishment alone. So she and her friends get caught up in a quest to recover an ancient relic, with only magic to guide them.

And everything is going wrong.

First, Chris went missing, his trail washed away by spring rains. Now Arnold’s injured, and the countryside buzzes with rumors of war. In the forest, the wraiths—tiger-like, reptilian creatures—grow dangerously aggressive. Then Terrin starts seeing visions of a madwoman in the shadows.

Are Terrin and her friends being hunted?

Or has the magic decided to turn against them?

Tia’s Review:

“Hunted” is the sequel to Teresa Gaskin’s fantastic book, “Banished.”  This book will certainly be intriguing for those who have read the author’s first book, and it will more than likely keep readers interested in continuing the series.  The book picks up where the first book leaves off, and takes readers further into the story of Chris trying to understand this riddle in attempt to clear his name of a crime for which his was falsely accused.  This book features more of the other characters’ stories, especially Terrin’s, and it was fascinating to learn more about each of them.  As Chris ventures out alone, his friends desperately search after him, knowing that they have to help him or he will never complete this quest on his own.  There are many new languages unearthed, magic uncovered, and creatures unleashed.

However, while the premise for the story is extremely interesting, the narrative and filler was just too heavy to keep my attention captive throughout the story.  I felt like the pace lagged and action scenes were bogged down in extra detail.  Other than that, however, I enjoyed the book and I am absolutely amazed at how such a young author can write so well.  Her choice of vocabulary is simply astounding, and many authors more than twice her age can only dream to write as well as she can.  I definitely see her going far in her writing career, and I can’t wait to see what stories she publishes next.


    • Paperback: 238 pages
    • Publisher: Tabletop Academy Press (May 16, 2015)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1892083175
    • ISBN-13: 978-1892083173


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