Top 20 Books about Native AmericansFinding collections of books surrounding a topic is always a great discovery for the homeschooler. It makes creating a homeschool unit study a snap, and makes that study just that much more interesting! Don’t miss this top 20 (plus a few) collection of books surrounding the study of Native American people. What an amazing people group to study… Let’s get reading!

Elementary Homeschool Resources

Native American History for Kids | Main photo (Cover) Make it Work! Native Americans | Main photo (Cover)
Indians in Art: Catlines Story | Main photo (Cover) More than Moccasins | Main photo (Cover)
Great Native Americans Coloring Book | Main photo (Cover) History Pockets - Native Americans | Main photo (Cover)
If You Lived with Indians of Northwest Coast | Main Photo (Cover) Soft Rain: A Story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears | Main photo (Cover)
North American Indians | Main photo (Cover) If You Lived with the Cherokees | Main photo (Cover)


Middle School/High School Homeschool Resources

Native American Tales and Legends | Main photo (Cover) New England Indians | Main photo (Cover)
Saga of the Sioux | Main photo (Cover) This Land Was Theirs: A Study of Native North Americans / Edition 9
Children of the Longhouse
The Lakota Way cover art Hidden Roots, Joseph Bruchac, best native indian american middle school book,, Pragmatic Mom
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