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About the Author:

Kevin Lau is a self-published author, attempting to make a living off of his writing. This is only the beginning.  He is the oldest of five children of a homeschool family, currently attending a local community college. The History of the Universe is his first book.


Book Summary:

The year is 4343 and ten-year-old Maximus James is off on an intergalactic trip with his family. With him, Maximus holds close a copy of his favorite book: “The History of the Universe”, a nearly infinite source of information (and also his textbook). However, when the family vacation goes awry, forcing Maximus and his family to land on an unknown planet, they make a discovery they never knew existed.


Our Review:

What an intriguing book!  Homeschoolers, be ready to sit down for a fun adventure when you pick up this book!  I can definitely imagine most elementary-aged students loving this story.  The story is set in a super futuristic setting, starting off with a young boy and his family traveling to another planet.  This planet was discoverable as inhabitable for humans, and a whole new civilization was begun on it long ago.  The ten-year-old boy, Maximus, always has his trusty eBook of “The History of the Universe” in his hands, a textbook of sorts explaining the far expanses of the universe and all the inhabitable planets thus far.  However, the textbook is often ridiculed by scientists and professionals of the time, a dilemma that Maximus soon encounters but chooses to disregard for his love of the book.  After his family’s adventures on the new planet, they head to another planet but are caught in a meteor shower and thrown off course.  Due to a broken fuel line, they end up landing on an unknown planet, on which they have many more adventures.

I did enjoy the book even though it’s not really meant for my age.  I thought that the plot was fun and the characters were enjoyable.  I feel like this would be quite a fun book for young homeschoolers to read, especially since the main characters of the book are also homeschooled!  The story is also written from a Christian point of view, so please keep that in mind when choosing to read this fun book.  My only complaints were several typos and grammatical issues, as well as the writing feeling a bit stilted at times.  However, I would definitely still recommend the book for young homeschoolers, and I look forward to whatever the author writes next!

  • Reading level: Children
  • Paperback: 77 pages
  • Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC (May 26, 2015)
  • Language: English

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Interactive Spelling Games for “The History of the Universe”

Alphabetize Arrange the words in alphabetical order.
Hang Mouse Complete each word by filling in the letters one at a time.
Missing Letter Figure out which letter is missing from each word.
Test-N-Teach Practice spelling words and hear them used in sentences.
Word Unscramble Rearrange the letters to correctly spell the words on the list.

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