Book Summary

In a time of kings and queens, princes and princesses, an adventure unfolds filled with deception, loyalty, courage and strength. Dealing with the day to day struggles of growing up in a castle seem like more than a enough for princess Dianatha until she is faced with a dilemma that takes her way beyond the fortress of the castle her family reside in. She must decide who she can trust and find a way to rescue her brother who has been taken away.

About the Author

Royalty in Disguise is the first published book by homeschooled author, Camille Esther. She is a country girl who has always had a love for adventure and books and knew from an early age that she wanted to become an author. If you would like to learn more about her then take a peek at our interview with her!

Book Review

The book is written in the style of a Victorian-era historical fiction. The book has many characters that are very clearly described in the first chapter. Much of the book though centers around Diantha and her twin brother Rodwin. Diantha was a red-haired princess that struggled with acting the way someone in her position was expected to act. Her unusual spunk ends up being an asset as she deals with the situation that is presented to her family. I really enjoyed how thoroughly the author described each character in the book. It was easy to picture what they may have looked like and how they may have behaved in my mind while reading the book. It was an extremely exciting tale filled with all kinds of twists and turns in the plot!

This story would be appropriate for all ages but would be most appropriate for 7th grade on up through high school. I will say it would be a great read-aloud book for younger children though as there is nothing inappropriate in it. It would be the perfect read for those interested in historical fiction filled with chivalry in a medieval setting.


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Writing prompt: Put yourself in the shoes of Diantha, would you have done anything differently in helping your brother Rodwin? If so, what effect would your actions have possibly had on the situation?

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Interactive Spelling Games forĀ “Tell a Tale of Royalty in Disguise”

Alphabetize Arrange the words in alphabetical order.
Hang Mouse Complete each word by filling in the letters one at a time.
Missing Letter Figure out which letter is missing from each word.
Test-N-Teach Practice spelling words and hear them used in sentences.
Word Unscramble Rearrange the letters to correctly spell the words on the list.

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