Buckingham Palace

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Traveling with their father to England, the Kerrigan Kids quickly learn the differences between life in America and England, such as cars driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. While the rest of the family is having fun leaning new things, Juan is overcome by a complaining and selfish spirit. However, the lessons he learns about English culture serve to teach Juan the importance of putting others needs ahead of his own.

Joy’s Review:

Buckingham Palace & The Crown Jewels is second in the series of “The Adventures of the Kerrigan Kids”, by Gilbert Morris. In the first book the children’s mom had died and their dad, who is a photographer, decides to bring his four children with him when he travels to work abroad. Learning takes on a new meaning as they school while traveling. In this second book they travel to England during the summer and meet some new friends and learn some valuable lessons in friendship along the way.

When they arrive in England finding a place to stay during the tourist season proves to be a challenge. They end up staying in the guest house of an elderly man that has just become guardian to his two grandchildren who’s parents had died in a car wreck: Heather, who is 12, and Robbie who is 11.  They came from a very wealthy family and were used to getting whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. They were not happy at all to be living with their grandfather who was not able to do things with them and who lived modestly.

The Kerrigan children include Heather and Robbie in their sight seeing excursions and learn a lot about England from the two children. Heather and Robbie learn even more about friendship, acceptance, and God’s love for them from the Kerrigan children. Juan Kerrigan who tends to be selfish learns about putting others before his own wants.

I really enjoy this book series. The Kerrigan’s are a very diverse group of children in personality and, yet despite this form a very cohesive family full of love. I like the way the book shows some of the children’s personality short comings and how in the story they experience personal growth in these areas. Like the first book, the second in the series gives a peek into a whole different culture and scenery. The book talks briefly about some of the different local landmarks in England that the Kerrigan family get to experience. Both my daughter and I read this book and we do agree though that the first book “Painted Warriors and Wild Lions was quite a bit more exciting than the second book. Still it was a very worthwhile book to read and I definitely would recommend it. It is a good read for children age 8-12.

    • Reading level: Ages 8 and up
    • Paperback:132 pages
    • Publisher:Moody Publishers (January 1, 2001)
    • Language:English
    • ISBN-10:0802415792
    • ISBN-13: 978-0802415790


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