Adventures in the Neighborhood Woods

Book Summary/Description:

Seven young adventurers set out once again to experience the thrilling challenge and mystery that is the neighborhood woods. When an old family friend divulges a secret to the group known as The Woodsmen, they encounter their toughest challenges yet. The adventurers soon discover hidden clues to a treasure that may have ancient connections, but they quickly realize that not everything is as simple as it first seems. Experience the continuing adventures with Dace and his friends as they forge ahead into the amazing woods.

Joy’s Review:

Adventures in the Neighborhood Woods: The Secret Baseball Card is Jesse Honn’s second book in this series. The first book left us wondering what exactly “The Woodsmen” (a group of seven friends) found in the cave that they had been exploring last summer. Dace had hidden the round object in his closet where it had remained almost forgotten. The group of friends had returned to school that fall with some returning to public school and others became busy with their home school projects. Months went by before the group was able to meet back together.
It was early spring and Dace who is home schooled had a stand where he sold candy and baseball cards to children coming home from school. The money he earned was to be the adventure money for big plans he had for later that year.
Their adventures start back up on spring break when Dace and five of his friends camp out in a close friend of the family’s backyard. This former adventurer himself tells the group tales that send them on their next adventure. Tales of a group of different explorers from long ago called the Seven Searchers. Gathering up all the equipment necessary they once again nominate the one girl, Leila, to lead the group. They meet up with an odd character in the woods who seems to be searching after the same clues that the Woodsmen are. The last clue pointing to them finding a very old baseball card but that is not where the adventure ends!
I really like the sense of adventure in Jesse Honn’s books as he uses a lot of imagination. The story definitely would encourage a child to go off exploring on their own. Thankfully the group has learned more about safety in nature and in caves by now but it still leaves me wondering where their parents are while they are alone in the woods from dawn until dusk. That opinion is from a mom’s point of view though not a young adventurer! Looking back at myself at that age I also had a lot of outdoor adventures that if my parents had known certainly had the potential to cause a lot of worry. This book could really trigger an interest in learning about forests,caves, and camping. I would recommend this book for age 8 and up but would make sure and make a child aware of safety in the woods and safety around adults you do not know. (the stranger they met in the woods)
  • Paperback:148 pages
  • Publisher:Life Flight Media, LLC (March 7, 2010)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0982389930
  • ISBN-13: 978-0982389935


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 Writing prompt:
Adventuring in the woods is super fun. However, there are some safety guidelines that young adventurers must follow. Write a topical essay on the points of safety that are important for outdoor adventures.
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Voabulary and Spelling Activities for Adventures in the Neighborhood Woods: The Secret Baseball Card


Take a spelling test using vocabulary from the book.
Similar to Hangman, the objective is to guess the word in a set number of tries.
The objective of this game is to put the words into alphabetical order.
The objective of this game is to put the word back together from a scrambled set of letters.
The objective of this game is to pair cards based on the words and sounds.


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