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Today we are introducing an adorable new title, “Little Bunny’s Own Storybook” by Margaret Welwood, which was released December 28, 2016.  You can find it on Amazon here.


Author bio:

“Grandma, can you tell me a story?” This polite question from one grandchild, soon followed by the same question from a slightly younger grandchild, helped to catapult Margaret from the world of adult non-fiction right into children’s Storyland.

Little did Margaret know, while she was editing a business magazine, writing business profiles, editing a Writer’s Digest award-winning book, and writing articles on artists, animals, health, Christian living, gardening and numerous other topics, that she was being set up—but isn’t life often like that? She honed her skills on adult non-fiction and reveled in the joy of the written word—the right word, with not only the right meaning but a pleasing sound, and in the right context. And then, as grandchildren came into her life, Margaret combined her joy in writing with her delight in spending time with these little people. Tommy, Tina and Katie Kat—noble heroes of Scissortown—entered the world, followed by Marie and Mr. Bee, and her latest hero, Little Bunny.


Book synopsis:

This picture book for children between the ages of three and eight tells the tale of a little rabbit who takes matters into his own hands when he finds the library closed for inventory. Little Bunny’s Own Storybook is a celebration of libraries, literacy, family, and the initiative and creativity of children (both human and rabbit).

“This book is a treasure! It will inspire children and parents alike to get their creative juices flowing.” (Shelly Sangrey, homeschool mom of 11 kids)

Little Bunny’s Own Storybook “is a delightful story about appreciating books and writing for young children. Margaret Welwood created a character whose greatest joy is his daily library visit and the discoveries he makes while reading. With adorable illustrations that capture the imagination, readers will want to hop on over to their nearest library.” (Pam Lagomarsino, homeschool parent of 20 years, freelance editor, and part-time library manager)


A little bunny lived in the woods

with Mother and Father Rabbit.

And every day they hopped down the path—

it was a pleasant habit.


With lettuce for their salads and snacks,

and carrots for the next day’s pot,

the three continued down the path

to Little Bunny’s favorite spot:



There every day he made a choice

and picked another book.

He borrowed it and took it home

to read inside their reading nook.


On Monday morning, what did he find?


Our Review:

Little Bunny’s Own Storybook by Margaret Welwood, is a tale that follows a little bunny and his Mother and Father Rabbit as they go through their week. This includes hops down the path and nibbles of veggies as they go to Little Bunny’s favorite place, the library. Each day he picks a new book full of exciting adventures that leaves him eager to return to the library the next day for a new book. Much to his displeasure at the end of the week when he returns, hopeful for a new book, the library was closed. What’s an adventurous bunny to do if he is not able to hop into the next book? Find out with your child exactly how creative Little Bunny gets!

This story was a very sweet read telling about a book loving bunny and his parents who were eager to help him use his own creativity to problem solve. It would be a good story for children from 3 years old to children just starting to read. It’s sweet rhyming would help a child  learn to follow along as a parent reads aloud to them. Last but not least, the illustrations which were done by Nataly Vits are absolutely endearing with the bunny family  the amazing adventures inside of the book.


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