Idea #1

Be a people watcher like Stargirl- (keeping it positive) go to a mall, park, etc where a crowd is sure to be, then have each child pick out one person and create their own background story for that person.  They can then gather together and tell the stories aloud or even write them out!

Idea #2

Make a cool “I love Stargirl” shirt. Purchase, or have kids bring in plain, inexpensive tshirts and have everyone bring one or two things to make the tshirts (puffy paint, iron or glue decals etc) to share with group.  You could also have everyone create their own designs on paper, have everyone vote on their favorite, then create iron-on decals from the winner.

Idea #3

Have the kids draw, paint, sketch their secret place and/or have them write about why it is so special.
This would also work well as a 20 questions type activity, having each person think of a place (that others have been) that was their favorite and letting everyone guess. When they guess the place, the child could reveal the picture of place that they created.

Idea #4

Make your own Stargirl cookies! Use a girl cutter and a star shape cutter and then let your imaginations go wild when decorating!

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