Meet the Illustrator: Heather Newman


The illustrator of The Howling Vowels is Heather Newman.  She was kind enough to share with us some of the “Process” of what goes into illustrating a book.  I know you will enjoy checking out her video and illustrations!



Heather shares the process she goes through illustrating a book















Isabelle: A Character Sketch

Isabelle character sketch

Character sketches are where the book illustrations start. It's important for the characters to feel consistent, to be recognized as the same person in every image. Drawing one character several times, full body and portrait with different facial expressions, helps to achieve this consistency. This Isabelle was actually the second version of the character, the first one was not approved.








Eduardo: Thumbnail

eduardo thumbnail




A thumbnail is a quick sketch simply to get the initial ideas out of my head. Usually, no one but me sees this stage of the illustration. I jot notes on it in order to remember the details I want to bring in later when I move to the next stage of the image. I typically draw 6-12 thumbnails before I have an idea I want to work with.





Eduardo: Rough Sketch

eduardo rough



Stage three in the process. This has quite a bit more detail than a thumbnail, but is still not close to being a completed drawing. A rough is the place to work out perspective, body language, background details and clothing. At this point, I am still making notes on ideas for the final piece. The rough is what I send to the publisher for design approval before starting the final image.






Eduardo: Final

Eduardo final


All of the details of the image are complete! This stage takes the longest amount of time to finish. As I am working, I keep in mind this is the art that everyone who picks up the book will see. I check the final illustrations together to make sure that the feel and style of the art is consistent throughout the book.

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