Today I’m interviewing author S.L. Kliever!  Kliever is a homeschooled high school graduate who grew up on her family farm in MB.  Writing since the age of eleven, she has always loved creating stories and adventures for old and young alike.  Now she lives in AB with her husband, and they are proud parents of two children!  You can learn more about her on her blog and visit her books’ Facebook page here.


Thanks for hanging out with me today!

This is great, I’m really excited to do this!


Do you feel like your homeschool education helped you become the writer you are today, or begin in the publishing process?  If so, how?

Definitely! Had I not been homeschooled, I doubt very much that I would be a writer. Because we homeschooled, I was able to explore and figure out how best I learn with my learning style. Believe it or not, but by writing, I taught myself to read/read better. I struggled in that area, and wanted to prove to myself that I was not stupid. I’m sure many students who struggle can relate to this. And so, I set out to write a story. In the process (about 3 years) I improved immensely, all because I was writing a story. My folks as well as my older brother, cheered me on and helped me in my endeavor to get over the hurdle I faced with reading and writing.  


There are a lot of writers in this world who simply write for their own pleasure or for the pleasure of their immediate families.  What motivated you to make the decision to publish your work?

Well, I must say that I too, write what I would have loved to have read as a kid, but I do feel that there is a need for good books for our young people; books that focus more on good character and encourage kids in their walk with the Lord. That is probably one of the biggest reasons for moving forward with publishing.


What step of the writing and publishing process (inspiration/outlining/writing/editing/publishing/marketing) do you find the most challenging?  How do you approach this step?

Marketing. I’m not a very outgoing person, and marketing has been the hardest thing for me. I find it very uncomfortable putting myself out there. One of the biggest helps in this area is people like you who get the word out. I wish to continue finding ways into the homeschool market, as I feel the most comfortable talking to other homeschoolers, and also, my biggest fans are from the homeschooling community.


Likewise, what step of the writing and publishing process do you find the easiest or most enjoyable?

Well, first off writing. I love having my story down on paper to look at. But the end result is rewarding when I finally hold a published copy in my hands!


Are you a self-published or traditionally published author?  Do you mind me asking how you decided on whichever route it is that you chose?

These are self-published with all perks of traditional publishing. Word Alive Press was so good in walking through all the different areas with me, and I learned a lot from the editors.

I went the self-publishing route because it is so hard to get into the publishing industry these days unless you have the proper connections. I also have found that in Canada we don’t have as many options as in the states.


Can you tell us about one of your favorite homeschool memories?  It could be when something finally clicked, or when you realized all the fun you were having actually counted as school, or anything at all.

When my dad or mom or brother would pick up a book and read aloud to us. Best times!! We’d always beg for one more chapter!


How many books do you have published under your name?  If you could tell me a little bit about each, that would be great!

Four to date. Three in The Chronicles of Exmoor and one Children’s book.

The first book in The Chronicles of Exmoor, is called A Slave’s Quest, and is the story of Joe, a slave girl in the medieval land of Exmoor. She is disguised as a boy, and is on a quest to avenge her father’s death and hopefully find the true princess.

The second book in The Chronicles of Exmoor, is called The Battle Over a Prince. Queen Tabitha is searching for her kidnapped son, and young Castor and Nicolas are two young street boys on the run, one from a cruel master, and the other from his uncle.  

The third book in The Chronicles of Exmoor, is called The Rebel King. King Reuben’s kingdom is in danger when two strangers arrive and stir his people against him. Tirzah and her father Fletcher are simple innkeepers, and find themselves in the middle of all the trouble because of their loyalty to the king.  

The children’s book, The Heart Princess can be found on The story is about young Marie. Her father tells her he know the secret to what makes a girl a real princess. Is it the clothes she wears? Or how she does her hair? Or is it what’s inside that counts?


What has been one of the most positive and rewarding moments in your writing career thus far?

When I heard how one of my stories helped a mother and friend of mine, have a serious discussion, and it was all springboarded from the book they had just read. It’s really rewarding to know my books have helped in some small way.


What is the approximate reader age-range for your stories?

The Chronicles of Exmoor are for youth/teen, but a very wide age range have read and say they enjoyed them.

The Heart Princess is for children, 4 and up.


If you could share with us one of your favorite inspirational/motivational quotes, that would be fantastic!

“Books are like friends, and their main characters are the heros, so make them good friends and characters to be looked up to.” quote from my aunt!  


Thank you for being with us today!  It’s been great getting to know you.  I wish you the best on all your future writing endeavors!


If you’d like to know more about S.L. Kliever and her published books, I highly encourage you to visit her blog.

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    We’ve known S. L. Kliever for over 8 years. All 4 of my kids read (more than once) and loved the books. Thanks for sharing your stories with us.

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    Awesome! We are so glad you enjoy our site. If you have any homeschool book suggestions – please share! Also – we are always looking for reviews. If you or your children have read some of these and want to share a review, we would love to include them on our listings.

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